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I’m always looking out for creative innovative product ideas that inspire. Here are several that I thought were smart ideas in terms of being practical, solving a problem, or just adding more value.

Leather Bike Carrying Strap

How simple but innovative is this leather bike carrying strap that simply attaches between the two vertical bars of your bike.

Product Idea from Simons

Balcony Bar

If it’s allowed where you live, this balcony bar is an awesome idea. Again, it solves a problem, and it folds flat when not in use taking up no space.

inspiring product ideas

Product Idea from Simons

Fruit Basket with Fly Cover

You’ve probably seen fly covers for food before, but this is the first time I’ve seen one where it was integrated right into the dish, so you can simply push it back, and not have to take it off and place somewhere else .

new products

Product Idea from Simons

Two-Sided Necklace

Bauble Bar is always a cutting edge jewelry designer, but I love the idea of ​​the two-sided reversible necklace, because it’s like getting two necklaces for the price of one.

innovative product ideas

Product Idea from Bauble Bar

Game Board Beach Towel

A simple graphic and this beach towel now has a dual purpose with both a checkerboard and backgammon board on it for more fun at the beach.

creative product ideas

Product Idea from Anthropologie

House Plant Care Cards

I don’t know how many house plants you’ve killed, but I love this idea of ​​being able to leave the card by the plant, so I can remember how to care for it.

innovative new product ideas

Product Idea from Anthropologie

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