Etsy Holiday Sales Planner – Attention Getting

It’s never too soon to start planning for holiday sales! As it is the biggest selling time of the year, I have once again come out with my newly updated Etsy Holiday Sales Planner, now for the 6th year in a row. Below are a few highlights:

Holiday Decor & Entertainment


In doing my product research, I was finding that holiday decor and entertaining “kits” and “sets” will be a hot item this year, with products such as Dog House Xmas Decor Kits, 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Mimosa Sugar Cube Kits, and Christmas Shelf Decor Sets (as in photo). I love sets, because it means you sell more products at one time to one customer.

Etsy SEO Facts

64 listings make the first page of Etsy search results for any search phrase. Of those 64 listings, 16 are usually ads. Of the remaining 48 organic (non-paid) results, you will typically see:

  • 60% have the “Best Seller” distinction
  • 50% are on sale
  • 35% have the Star Seller badge
  • 6% have the “Etsy’s Pick” distinction
  • 4% are local sellers

All of these factors impact your listing’s ranking, just as much as keywords. Therefore, make sure to use your Best Sellers to upsell other products, as they will be the ones likely to get the most Etsy traffic. Also, if you have a product that has been given the “Etsy’s Pick” distinction, add the words “Etsy’s Pickto the primary image to grab the attention of searchers.

Searches from Other Countries

The UK buyer is the second most popular buyer on Etsy, after the US. But spelling and terminology of certain holiday searches can be a little different. For example:

  • Brits searchXmas” as often as “Christmas“.
  • They search “Christmas Gonk“instead of”Christmas Gnome”.
  • They search “presents“more so than”gifts“.
  • They search “baubles“more so than”ornaments“.
  • They search “dog jumper“instead of”dog sweater“.
  • They search “stocking fillers“instead of”stocking stuffers”.
  • They search “Happy Christmas“instead of”Merry Christmas”.
  • They search “Father Christmas“instead of”Santa Claus“.
Include Something Memorable in the Package

Last year I recommended including a Christmas Cookie Recipe Card in all product packages, so that when the customer pulls out the recipe card this year, they remember your store. But there are other things you can include (which you can print yourself) such as a Christmas Countdown Checklist or Letter to Santa template, or even affirmation cards for the new year, always with your branding and shop url on it.

Etsy Holiday Sales PlannerThere are 38 pages in my 2022 Etsy Holiday Sales Planner with ideas for advertising, promotions, publicity, social media, SEO, photography, and more, PLUS planner pages, PLUS my 80+ contacts for holiday gift guides, PLUS a timeline countdown of tasks to do, PLUS memorable dates, PLUS pages and pages of the top holiday searches. PLUS, I’m offering it for a super low price for the next few days.


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