How to Market Yourself – Attention Getting Marketing

People ask me all the time to help them market themselves.

From new college grads (or their parents) hiring me to write a marketing savvy LinkedIn Profileto an influencer needing an attention-getting Bio for their Media Kitto upstarts asking for a Business Plan Executive Summary that will land them a loan.

Have you ever thought about the need to market yourself, particularly as a small business owner?

Maybe you want to apply for a small business award, or have a profile piece written about you in a local trade publication, or you are speaking at an event and they require “your personal story” for their brochure.

Having a personalized and stylishly written bio ready to go, should always be part of your marketing collateral.

I have been doing these types of writing services as custom orders for a while now, so I decided to add them to my selz store, along with some new versions of my phone consultations:

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