Over 500 confirmed attendees at this year’s Net Zero Festival

Just 2 months to go until our first physical Net Zero Festival makes its debut at The Mermaid, London on the 28th and 29th September, and it is shaping up to be a Festival that shouldn’t be missed!

VIP tickets have proven to be in high demand for this year’s Net Zero Festival, building up a fantastic guest list of delegates. These tickets have enabled us to achieve a curated selective audience, maximizing the number of senior sustainability executives onsite and back in the room, so do make sure to apply before tickets run out!

Applying for a VIP ticket will also provide access to our online addition of the Festival, NZF+. NZF+ is the Net Zero Festival’s new way of doing virtual, which has been created for everyone involved in accelerating and expanding the net zero transition, and will be live from the 4th October. In the upcoming weeks we will be announcing some exciting and engaging new elements which will be able to be watched on this platform so keep your eyes peeled!

What you can look forward to at the Festival:

  • A fully packed Agenda, filled with keynote talks, panel discussions, seminars and workshops, which has been designed to reflect just how many industries should be engaging in the Net Zero transition. Our agenda and speaker list (so far 60 confirmed) can be found on our website
  • Watching a live Outrage + Optimism podcast episode right from our Festival stage! The first and last time they recorded an episode podcast live in-person was at COP26 last year, so we are delighted to have them join us for this exclusive recording!
  • Coming back into the room for our in-person Festival, provides a great opportunity to network with all our delegates. We have some great companies set to attend, here is a sneak peek on who this includes.
  • Our Festival Extras! This festival will not just incorporate talks, and workshops, it will integrate different elements of our everyday life, including the art we see, the podcasts we listen to, and the food we consume. We want to ensure we live up to the title of being a festival, so watch this space on what this will include!

If you would also like to attend the Net Zero Festival, in-person, on 28/29 September, at the Mermaid, London please apply for a VIP ticket, by contacting Ellie Harris at [email protected]


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