SEO-Friendly Content Ideas for May

Every month, the top searches on Google are typically questions. You can take advantage of answering these questions in your blog or social media posts as a simple way to drive traffic to your business.

For example, based on past Google Search Data, these should be the top questions for May:

  • What do you write in a teacher appreciation card (May 4th)
  • What is Cinco de Mayo celebrated for? (May 5th)
  • What horses are in the Kentucky Derby? (May 7th)
  • When is Mother’s Day 2022? (May 8th)
  • What happens during a lunar eclipse? (May 15th)
  • What is a flower moon?
  • How fast do Indy 500 cars go? (May 29th)
  • When is Memorial Day 2022? (May 30th)
  • What is Memorial Day and how is it observed?
  • What side does the tassel go on graduation cap?

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