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If you need some SEO Tips related to Top Google Searches, one thing I do is regularly scan Google Trends reports. I’m always interested in how people are searching so I can tailor my own SEO to take advantage.

It doesn’t matter what type of small business you are, you can tailor the SEO of the products and services you sell AND/OR tailor the title of your business’ blog posts to take advantage of these searches and drive more traffic.


For example, if you’re a realtor with a company blog, you could optimize a blog post for one of the top searches below, such as, “Local Fathers Day Restaurant Specials. This will drive a lot of local traffic to your blog, who will then end up seeing your business and listings.

Plus, you can update the blog post year after year, and if the post becomes popular enough, you could even charge an ad fee to restaurants to be mentioned. Now it’s making money for you as well!


Today’s Google Trends report gave the top Father’s Day searches from the past week, and, again, these searches can be used for most types of small businesses.

For example, people tend to always search the basics:

  • When is Father’s Day 2022?
  • What to get dad for Father’s Day?
  • What to write in a Father’s Day card?
  • What is Father’s Day?
  • Where to go for Father’s Day?
  • Fathers day jokes
  • Fathers day poems from wife

Then they will search for gift ideas:

  • Father’s Day gift for grandpa
  • Father’s Day gift for son
  • Father’s Day gift for expecting fathers
  • Father’s Day gift for husband
  • Father’s Day gift for step dad
  • Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas

They will also get very specific to the “type” of dad:

  • Gifts for dads who like yard work
  • Gifts for dads who like cars
  • Gifts for dads who like to cook
  • Gifts for dads who like to build
  • Gifts for dads who like bourbon

Other things people will search:

  • Fathers day events near me
  • Fathers day brunch near me
  • Fathers day restaurant specials near me
  • Fathers day reservations

There will always be parallels between these searches and other big shopping occasions, like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc, so try to optimize for these searches at those times of years as well.


I do write SEO-optimized 500 word blog posts relevant to what you sell. Hopefully, even one optimized post will bring you free, qualified and endless traffic for years to come!


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