ECIU: Poorly insulated homes set to pay £1,000 more on gas bills this winter

Poorly insulated homes could have a gas bill that is £968 higher than homes which have a better Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating this winter, according to a new analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU). With the dual fuel price cap forecast to reach £3,958 this winter, the ECIU found that homes … Read more

Could a wind power 'bonus' help curb bills this winter?

Decision by Ofgem to amend contracts for difference cap allowance has paved the way for wind farms to help trim £25 off energy bills from this October Could UK renewables projects help to ease upward some of the upward pressure on domestic energy bills earlier than expected, thanks to recent reforms from energy regulator Ofgem? … Read more

Energy efficiency scheme delays: Thousands of fuel poor homes to miss out on £600 bill savings

New analysis suggests ongoing ECO4 insulation scheme delay is costing households hundreds of pounds, as government declines opportunity to boost low cost clean energy development Ongoing delays to the introduction of the government’s flagship home insulation support scheme could end up costing 56,000 homes up to £600 each this year as the cost of energy … Read more

Closing the 'G20 ambition gap': Why the world's major economies must act now to secure a 1.5C future

G20 nations hold the key to capping temperature rise at safe levels – so it is critical they ramp up their climate ambition ahead of COP27, argues the ECIU’s Gareth Redmond-King Humans emit nearly 60 billion tons of greenhouse gases, annually. In 2015, the world committed to cutting those to arrest global temperature rises at … Read more