European Commission threatens sanctions against trade partners who fail to meet sustainability standards

The European Commission has unveiled a plan to “protect the climate, environment and labor rights worldwide” by introducing sharper teeth to the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapters of the EU’s trade agreements. All the EU’s ‘modern’ trade agreements include chapters on trade and sustainable development based on a broad set of mutually agreed commitments. … Read more

Reports: German finance minister pushes back against EU 2035 fossil fuel car ban plan

EU plans to ban sales of internal combustion engine cars from 2035 could face a significant roadblock in Germany, after the country’s finance minister yesterday expressed opposition to the target date, which forms a key pillar of Europe’s green agenda. The European Commission has proposed mandating a total phaseout of all new internal combustion engine … Read more

Carbon tariffs: Government confirms it is to consult on carbon border adjustment mechanism

The British government is to formally consult on proposals designed to tackle so-called ‘carbon leakage’, as policymakers in the UK, EU, and US step up efforts to stop intensive carbon companies responding to higher carbon prices and tightening climate regulations by relocating to jurisdications with more lax policy regimes. The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) of … Read more

Putin’s €93bn Fossil Fuel Bonanza: Russia’s wartime income revealed by new data

The scale to which fossil fuel revenue is bankrolling Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has been exposed thanks to detailed tracking of Russian oil, gas, and coal shipments and pipeline exports by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA). According to the think tank’s new analysis, released today, Russia earned €93bn in … Read more

Report: EU plastics sector facing €678bn stranded asset risk due to ‘unsustainable’ business model

The European plastics industry is “on the precipice” of stranded asset risk due to an unsustainable business model that is putting €678bn investor capital under threat, unless it rapidly shifts gear towards a more circular plastics system based on reuse, recycling and waste reduction . That is the conclusion of fresh research released today by … Read more