IKEA Foundation injects $25m into global climate-friendly cooling initiative

IKEA’s charitable arm is to funnel $25m into a global program aimed at advancing more efficient, climate-friendly air conditioning and extreme cooling systems that can support vulnerable people and communities facing increasing risks from heat worldwide, the retail giant announced yesterday. The IKEA Foundation said it would invest the money over the next four years … Read more

Could a net zero power system by 2035 offer the cheapest path forward for the UK and Europe?

Confidence is rapidly growing that fully decarbonising the power system across the UK and Europe can be achieved at no additional cost by 2035 Confidence in Europe and the UK’s ability to build a net zero energy system in little over a decade continues to build among investors, engineers, and energy policy wonks – even … Read more

Report: EU plastics sector facing €678bn stranded asset risk due to ‘unsustainable’ business model

The European plastics industry is “on the precipice” of stranded asset risk due to an unsustainable business model that is putting €678bn investor capital under threat, unless it rapidly shifts gear towards a more circular plastics system based on reuse, recycling and waste reduction . That is the conclusion of fresh research released today by … Read more