The missing ingredient in the government's Food Strategy is plant-based foods

The government’s new food strategy fails misses a major opportunity to boost national security, reduce emissions and improve public health outcomes through plant-based diets, writes the Plant-based Food Alliance UK’s Marisa Health The Government’s recent Food Strategy white paper represents a missed opportunity and does not go far enough to realise the potential that plant-based … Read more

Greener wheat: Nestle launches new regenerative farming initiative

Shredded Wheat could soon be produced for breakfast tables across the UK using innovative low carbon and regenerative agricultural practices, thanks to a major new initiative from food giant Nestlé. Nestlé Cereals today announced the launch of its Nestlé Wheat Plan, which it described as an “innovative sustainable farming initiative through which the business is … Read more

Food Strategy: Investors call for mandatory sustainability reporting at large food companies

A group of leading investors have called on the government to require food companies to report on their health and sustainability credentials, arguing it would help channel capital towards businesses supporting the transition to a better food system. The Investor Coalition on UK Food Policy, which brings together 23 investors with more than £6tr of … Read more

Missing crucial ingredients: Campaigners slam government’s new Food Strategy

The government is today facing fierce criticism over its new Food Strategy with critics from both the food and farming industry and the environmental movement accusing Ministers of producing a document that is “flatter than a pancake and missing most of the crucial ingredients needed to truly ensure our long-term food security”. The Department for … Read more