First shipment of low-carbon aggregates from china clay waste reaches London

Recycled materials specialist GRS is celebrating the delivery to London of its first ever shipment of low-carbon construction aggregates made from Cornish clay mine waste. Announcing the news this morning, GRS said its first sea shipment of construction aggregates marked the start of a long-term deal which would see it transport more than half a … Read more

London boroughs face new homes ban amid electricity grid constraints

Developers in three west London boroughs are being told to limit new building because the grid is full to capacity Property developers in three west London boroughs have been told of limitations on new building because the local electricity infrastructure cannot cope, with part of the blame being placed on data centres. As reported last … Read more

Mayor of London unveils £3.1 urban tree planting funding package

The Mayor of London has pledged a further £3.1m to support tree planting across the capital, in bid to boost vital canopy cover and sun shade for citizens, support urban wildlife and biodiversity, reduce flood risk, and help combat absorb climate change by storing carbon. The “massive” tree planting package is aimed at protecting and … Read more

ULEZ expansion declared 'success' as London NO2 emissions fall 20 per cent

Mayor’s Office reveals expansion of ultra-low emission zone has had positive impact on air quality, as it convenes further gathering of Mayors from around the world to explore how to improve air quality Harmful NO2 Emissions across London have been reduced by 20 per cent over a six-month period following last year’s expansion of the … Read more

How smart regulation holds key to establishing UK as net zero financial centre

New report from Aldersgate Group calls on government to give proposed Sustainability Disclosure Requirement framework ‘teeth’ so as to drive the development of net zero finance sector Political leaders and regulators must deliver a new wave of ‘smart regulation’ if they are to accelerate the UK’s net zero transition and deliver on the government’s promise … Read more

Study: Modular homes cut embodied carbon by 45 per cent

Factory-made modular homes can slash the carbon emissions associated with housebuilding by almost half, an academic study has found. Construction using volumetric modular systems – whereby modular components are precision manufactured offsite – can produce 41 to 45 per cent less CO2 when compared to traditional methods of building homes, the study by the University … Read more

Mayor of London commits further £43m to help upgrade fuel poor city homes

Londoners living in draughty, inefficient homes are being encouraged to apply for City Hall grants to help pay for green upgrades such as heat pumps installations, home insulation, solar panels, draughtproofing or heating system repairs, as part of a fresh £43m injection of funding from the Mayor of London announced today. The support is being … Read more