Carlton Power unveils plans for UK’s latest green hydrogen hub

Energy infrastructure company Carlton Power has this week announced it is joining forces with local stakeholders in Cumbria to build and develop the region’s first low carbon hydrogen hub, in a bid to provide businesses across the north west with access to hydrogen fuel and help accelerate the region’s net zero efforts. The plans for … Read more

‘Responsible commodities’: British supermarkets team up for sustainable soy financing push

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose have jointly committed $11m to a new ‘responsible commodities’ programme, which will offer financial incentives for farmers who commit to embracing more sustainable approaches to soy cultivation. The Responsible Commodities Facility (RCF) will offer low-interest loans to farmers who comply with certain environmental eligibility criteria and commit to ensuring zero deforestation … Read more

First shipment of low-carbon aggregates from china clay waste reaches London

Recycled materials specialist GRS is celebrating the delivery to London of its first ever shipment of low-carbon construction aggregates made from Cornish clay mine waste. Announcing the news this morning, GRS said its first sea shipment of construction aggregates marked the start of a long-term deal which would see it transport more than half a … Read more

Welcome to the Net Zero Commodities Hub

The net zero transition faces myriad challenges. There’s the technological challenge of developing the products and services necessary to decarbonise. The infrastructure challenge of deploying them at pace and scale. The financial challenge of funding them. The challenges of developing a workforce are capable of installing and operating them. The challenge of policy of tackling … Read more

‘Electrification is going to be massive’: Wood Mackenzie’s Simon Flowers on the net zero commodities transformation

Welcome to the Net Zero Commodities Hub, which BusinessGreen is hosting in association with Wood Mackenzie. From wind turbines and electric vehicle batteries to sustainable food, biofuels and chemicals, many of the key technologies and infrastructure needed in the growing green economy requires a vast range of critical metals, minerals, crops and other raw materials. … Read more