‘Responsible commodities’: British supermarkets team up for sustainable soy financing push

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose have jointly committed $11m to a new ‘responsible commodities’ programme, which will offer financial incentives for farmers who commit to embracing more sustainable approaches to soy cultivation. The Responsible Commodities Facility (RCF) will offer low-interest loans to farmers who comply with certain environmental eligibility criteria and commit to ensuring zero deforestation … Read more

Official: Distribution of supermarket single-use plastic bags down 97 per cent

The single-use plastic bag charge has helped reduce the number of single-use plastic bags in supermarkets by 97 per cent since 2015, according to new analysis released today by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). The initial 5p charge was introduced in UK supermarkets in 2015 and since then the number of … Read more

Waitrose to ditch ‘best before’ labels on food, veg, and plants

Waitrose has this morning announced it plans to remove ‘best before’ dates on more than 500 products, from citrus fruits and salad items to vegetables and indoor plants, in a bid to tackle food waste. The retailer said the move, set to come into force in September, would invite customers to use their own judgment … Read more