Uber for Business to Add New Voucher Features

Uber is redesigning its Uber for Business vouchers dashboard, with new features to launch in the “coming weeks,” the company announced Monday.

Vouchers initially launched in 2019 and enable organizations to fully or partially pay for rides with Uber and deliveries with Uber Eats. Upcoming enhanced features include a simplified creation workflow using improved templates, the ability to schedule communications for campaigns, an automated code generator, recipient removals and “surfaced campaign controls,” such as location restrictions and specified time windows for usage, according to the company.

Since Uber for Business introduced vouchers, the product has expanded to international markets, and between 2020 and 2021, usage grew 300 percent, according to Uber. The company indicated that clients have used vouchers for event experiences, to improve customer satisfaction and to drive employee engagement, among other business use cases.

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