VC investor Vektor Partners launches €125m fund to fuel mobility start-ups

New fund aims to help support start-ups and disruptors in the mobility sector across European, US, and Israeli markets

Tech-focused venture capital investor Vektor Partners has launched a new €125m fund focused on tech start-ups in the mobility sector, as it looks to “accelerate society’s pivotal move towards a more connected, autonomous, shared, electric, and sustainable future” .

The VC revealed last week that the new fund had already secured €50m at its initial close, as it hailed the potential to tap into a “multi-trillion dollar” opportunity offered by the “mobility revolution”. The company said the fund would look to support deep tech start-ups employing AI and software that enable scalable mobility solutions that can “make moving people and goods from A to B more efficient, greener and safer”.

“We are looking at tectonic shifts in the mobility landscape, where we will see new markets being created, and expect about half of the industry to be disrupted,” said Vektor Partners co-founder, Sebastian Bihari. “Start-ups focused on AI, software and data will be at the heart of driving innovation and creating new businesses and products with real use cases and significant economic and environmental value.”

Since its formation Vektor Partners has backed a number of start-ups and new business models in the mobility sector. Recent investments include German start-up Peregrine Technologies, which aims to use edge processing and machine learning to unlock the value of the mobility industry’s vast and ever-increasing vision data pool while providing telematics suppliers, fleet owners, insurers, and developers of autonomous systems with crucial insights.

Vektor Partners also led technology firm GuardKnox’s recent Series B raise. GuardKnox develops software and communication technology solutions to help leading car makers transform their vehicles’ electronic architecture to make their software-definable and secure.

“We are seeing strong interest in our specialist fund as our value-added sector approach resonates well with institutional investors who see the huge opportunity in the mobility sector,” said Vektor Partners co-founder Isabel Falkenberg. “We secured €50m of commitments at the time of our initial close, which includes a sovereign wealth fund.”


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