Why You Need an Engaging LinkedIn Profile Summary

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or actively looking for employment, your LinkedIn Profile Summary is a valuable marketing tool.

Most social media sites only give you about 150 characters for a bio, but LinkedIN gives you over ten times that, up to 2,000 characters, so there is a real opportunity here to show your personality, tell your story and add a little marketing flair.

Trust me, hiring managers get sick of reading the same old tired summaries. A fresh approach will get their attention and keep them reading.

Plus, if you are looking for employment, you can use the same wording in the profile for your cover letter, exploratory emails to prospective employers as well as on your personal website or blog.

Here’s my own LinkedIn Profilefor example:

I really believe in writing it in the first person. It’s more personal and relatable, and it feels like you are speaking directly to the reader.

I like a statement-making opening line to engage them immediately.

Then, it is up to you whether you want to just talk about your unique abilities and/or your “wins” and/or your experience and/or what you do and why you do it. You can break it up with headings like I did here.

Finally, I close with a call to action about what it is that you hope the person reading will do next.

Now, I’m only using half of the allotted characters, but I just want to quickly get across what it is I do in an interesting way, to attract potential clients and business partners.

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